The Importance Of Eye Contact

The Importance Of Eye Contact

If there’s one element of body language that’s more important than any other to become good at it if you want to find success picking up girls then it’s eye contact. Of course, all body language is important but mastering eye contact is vital to your chances of success.

Why Eye Contact Is Important

The reason for this is that it’s normally the first indication you get that she’s interested in you. Her eyes are what really let you know what’s going on – after all, they don’t refer to the eyes as “the window to the soul” for nothing.

Unless you’re incredibly lucky, a beautiful woman isn’t going to just come up to you and tell you outright she’s interested in you. She lets you know she’s interested through her body language, including her eyes. So you have to be able to read the messages and signals that she’s sending out to you or you’ll never get anywhere.

And you have to be able to have confidence that you’re reading the signals right, or you may start to worry about being rejected and let nerves overcome you. It’s only by truly understanding eye contact that you can avoid this.

What Eye Contact Tells You

Think about how you, probably subconsciously, let a girl you’ve never met know you’re interested in her. You probably look across the room and when she catches your glance, you hold your gaze longer than normal. This is sending out a sure signal that you’re interested. And guess what? If she doesn’t look away but also holds the eye contact, she’s letting you know back that she’s also interested in you too.

Now if this happens, you should narrow your eyes slightly (don’t squint, or you’ll look like an idiot!) and keep up the eye contact. After a short time look away. You don’t want to hold the eye contact too long, or you’ll just end up looking like some sort of creep staring at her.

Strike While The Iron’s Hot

At this point, you know she’s definitely interested and you should go over and approach her. Don’t fall into the trap of continually trying to make sure she’s definitely interested by repeating the process of catching her eyes and holding the contact over and over. If you do this, she’ll soon lose interest. The first time you hold her gaze is enough to tell you she’s interested and you should strike while the iron is hot.

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