A few tips on how to make a woman happy

How To Make A Woman Happy

There’s no doubt that women can be hard to understand. It’s all too easy to do or say the wrong and upset them without even realising it. And then when you notice they’re mad, you have to try and guess what you’ve done!

That said though, there are some secrets to understanding women. And once you learn them, life becomes a lot more simple. So here’s a few tips on how to understand women and keep them happy…

How To Understand Women And Make Them Happy

Firstly, you need to treat a woman right. Make her feel loved and appreciated and most of all, special.

Secondly, the element of surprise is a very effective tactic to keeping a woman onside. Surprise her with flowers from time to time. Or other little gifts. They don’t have to be expensive – as the saying goes, it’s the thought that counts. And if she thinks you’re thinking of her, she’ll be happy.

Indeed, if money’s tight, you don’t have to spend anything at all. Take her for a nice trip to the countryside or to a different town just window shopping, depending on her preferences. Just the fact that you’ve thought about her and are doing something different to break the routine will keep you in her good books.

Thirdly, make sure she’s the center of attention. This is especially true when out on a date, or out with friends in a group. Don’t neglect her to chat to your friends or other people, but keep her involved in the conversation.

Lend her your coat if it’s cold, be the gentleman. Women like that sort of thing. So if you’re getting a taxi home together, hold the door for her while she climbs in and out.

Fourthly, listen to her. Don’t just nod and let whatever she’s saying wash over you. Take an active interest and ask follow up questions to what she says, to keep the conversation flowing. And show empathy and sympathy where appropriate.

Finally, and maybe most importantly, be open and honest. Don’t lie. Ever. You’re likely to get found out at some point, no matter how good a liar you think you are. If she knows she can trust you, she’s far less likely to get jealous, mad, whatever.

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