How To Be The Alpha Male

Be The Alpha Male

Body language is vitally important in just about all aspects of life, and no more so when it comes to picking up girls. Even when you’re speaking, only about 10% of your message gets across verbally, with the rest being dictated by your body language. So if you want to have success with your pick up game, you definitely need to learn how to be the alpha male.

How To Be The Alpha Male

Make An Entrance

Giving off the air of being the alpha male starts right from the moment you first walk into a bar or club. You need to exude confidence, and even cockiness and arrogance, as you make an entrance. You basically want to give off the air of thinking that you own the place.

So you need to enter with your shoulders back, your chest pushed out and your head held up high. You should be relaxed and have a smile on your face.

If you’re with some girls, you should link arms with them and laugh and joke with them. This is particularly important because to other women in the bar who watch you enter, it gives off the signal you must be a cool and interesting guy because other girls are already showing an interest in you. And if the girls you’re with are laughing along with you, it shows that you’re a fun guy to be with.

And that will pique the interest of any watching girls and make them want to meet you to find out what you’re all about.

If you’re out with a group of male friends, you still want to make the same sort of self-confident entrance. Indeed, you need to make sure you out-alpha male your friends. This doesn’t mean you show them up or make fools of them.

You still want to enter the place laughing and joking with them, you just need to make sure you give off enough subtle signals that you’re the most alpha male among them. There are a variety of ways that you can do this, for example:

  • When they all sit down, you remaining standing so you appear bigger and more dominating than them,
  • When you talk to your male friends, place your hand on their shoulder. This will seem friendly to them, but to any observing women it will make you appear dominant.

Claim Your Space

Now that you’ve made an entrance and shown yourself to be interesting and dominant, the next thing you need to do is claim your space. Here what you’re doing is marking your territory. It’s best if you can do this in the middle of the room rather than hiding away in a corner somewhere. So move to the center of the room and mark your territory.

You can do this by putting your drink down on a table or your jacket on bar stool, for example, or simply by sitting on a couch or chair. You want to mark as much territory as you can, i.e. to take up as much space as possible, because the more territory you claim as yours, the more of an alpha male you’ll appear.

As you move to the center of the room, keep the same cocky air of self confidence that you displayed when you first entered. You might not think any women are watching you at this point, but be assured that they are. If you don’t believe this, just observe some groups of girls the next time you’re in a bar. When they’re not chatting, they’re all keeping an eye on the door and watching closely whoever comes in.

Continue Your Display

Now you’ve made an entrance and claimed your space, you need to continue with your display of confidence and popularity. So get yourself and your friends a beer and go round your friends chatting to them and joking and laughing with them. As you move around, make sure you keep a look out for any girls making prolonged eye contact with you and be ready to make your move.

A Few Things To Avoid

There are a few things you should definitely avoid doing if you want to appear as the dominant alpha male, for example:

  • Don’t hold your drink in front of your chest. This is a classic sign of unapproachability – you’re putting up barriers, when you need to be giving off signals that you’re ready to be approached.
  • Don’t stand with your hands in your pockets. You need to look confident, but hands in pockets is a sure sign of nervousness and lack of confidence. You can stand with your thumbs in your pockets (or your belt loop) with your hands hanging down, if you like.
  • Don’t stand pigeon-toed. This is another sign that you’re closed off to any approach. Instead, stand with your toes pointing slightly outwards.


It’s not difficult to learn how to be the alpha male but you may need to practice if you lack natural self-confidence. Follow the advice in this article though, and you’ll soon be well on your way to being the dominant member of your group and so attracting the attention of the girls.

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