How To Flirt With A Girl

How To Flirt With A Girl

Every girl likes to do a bit of flirting with a charismatic and confident guy.

And you know a girl likes you and is attracted to you when she replies to your flirty or funny pick up lines with a smile or a laugh.

So be that cool, flirty guy. But be careful not to get too flirty though.

This can easily backfire and lead her to shrug you off as over-confident and cocky or worse, as creepy and weird.

So for the best results, be flirty but subtle in your approach.

Here’s some tips on how to go about a bit of subtle flirting:

Don’t Take The Flirting Too Seriously

It’s important to remember that flirting is just for fun. So enjoy it and don’t take it too seriously.

When you focus on the flirting too much and try too hard, it comes across as awkward and obvious and will have the opposite of the desired effect.

So just act normal, enjoy yourself as you flirt and you’ll soon be getting along well with her and making her drop her guard.

Make And Maintain Eye Contact

One of the most fundamental ways of flirting with a girl is to maintain eye contact for a little longer than normal.

So if you’re in a bar, for example, and a girl takes your eye do this. When she looks at you, look back and hold your gaze.

You may have to look over a few times before you catch her looking at you, but that’s okay. Just repeatedly check her out until your eyes meet.

When they do, if she also holds her gaze too, she’s showing you that she’s interested in you.

If you’re still not sure, look away and wait a few minutes. Then look back and hold the eye contact again.

Start A Conversation

If you think a girl is interested, then go over to her and start talking to her.

It’s important that you appear cool and confident, but make sure you’re natural too.

The topic of conservation doesn’t matter, what’s important is to be confident and you can talk about whatever you like.

Read The Signals She Gives Off

Examine her body language and look for the signs that she’s interested in you.

There are a number of obvious things a flirty girl will do if she’s interested.

Flicking her hair or running her hands through it is one such sign.

And when you tell a joke if she laughs a lot, that’s also a good sign.

Take note of how close she stands to you. If she stands closer than she normally would to a stranger, that’s also a sign she’s interested and is attracted to you.

Respond To Her Signals

If she’s flirting with you and giving off signals, the best thing to do is to mirror her actions.

When she’s flirting with you, she’s looking for signs that you’re also interested. And it’s accepted that mirroring behavior is the best way of showing this.

So for example, if she touches your arm sometimes, then also touch her sometimes. And drink when she drinks. And so on.

Another good tip is to keep mentioning her name throughout your conversation.

Follow these basic tips and you’ll soon find your comfortable and confident when flirting with girls.